Just east and north of LA lies the Mojave Desert

First stop, a hike up Deep Creek into the San Bernardino Mountains.

To a (very) hot spring.

Next, traverse the Mojave north to Red Rock Canyon.

North again, up the Owen's Valley and a jog east to Death Valley.

And look west to Telescope Peak from 280 feet below sea level.

Come dawn, look over the valley from Zabrinski Point.

Back to the Owen's Valley for a hike up into the Sierra Nevada to Kearsarge Pass.

A mite further north then turn east, up and into the White Mountains.

To 11,000 feet and the Bristlecone Pines.
The Sierra Nevada to the west, across the Owen's Valley.

Here to hike the dolomite trails among the earth's oldest living creatures
... some over 5000 years old.